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Hello, all. This is InuYasha speaking.

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NOTICE: Any other websites are fake, they are copy and pasted to be exactly like mine. Otherwise only to show flattery and their envy toward me, mere role players.


 Officials -

How did it all start?

Started on sometime of 2006 on YouTube-- Maybe even much longer before.. I started uploading a lot of video icons since at the time YouTube would allow you to use all of your video's icons. So, it would be much easier to switch icons.
I was TheDogDemonInuYasha. Some username Kagome's brother made up for me. I began using a signature.. My original one was:
Over time, of course, it changed. People called me a fool for me to believe that I was the real InuYasha. Now I laugh at how many descendants of what I created there are...

Then came the title... The Original Official title was

InuYasha's™ Channel: InuYasha™ is Currently {OFFLINE}
That changed as well.. Most officials should be unique.

The account didn't last very long due to YouTube's pathetic flaws by the human creators. My account was deleted in mere error. Then I made TheHanyouInuYasha which is my main account that still stands strong for me til this day.
We are the best portrayals of our characters.
This includes ALL officials, officials of everything.