Tch'. Something Called 'Rules'...

Keh. Now I should show the 'rules', since most morons take us for granted.


Official-Original isn't for popularity. More for what you really are. I am the true version of InuYasha. I am the hanyou feudal warrior of Japan. Whether you like it or not, I am the official InuYasha and first of all officials also known as originals.


Mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. But when it's something coming from someone that isn't very bright. That's when I consider them to be idiots. The first time "Pablo" from YouTube had seen my account, he automatically made himself an official. Which is actually making a fool out of himself by breaking the first rule already.


You must get my permission first... So I can see if you have what it takes. The first time I met Pablo I brought it up to him. Made himself a fool. But, I guess he's "fine" for now. Pfft.


Now.. I don't "role play". I'm sick and tired of my impostors trying to kill me with their fake "virtual" crap. It's useless, morons. The true versions of other warriors from other realms should know who they are - and not waste their time playing little "games" over this...This "internet", as to what Kagome calls it.


They also should know that it's not like ALL of their friends would have an account on here. Feh. Who do they think I am? I'm not going to believe some kid pretending to be my past arch enemy, Naraku on here! Like Naraku would come back from the dead and take Kagome's technology to harass my fans. Give me a break. That's ridiculous. Be realistic.


And so-- Be yourself, stay yourself, don't attack role players. Role-players are fans of you, us, or anyone who they are role playing as.




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